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A well-maintained forklift can last for many years with fewer problems. The cost of the forklift is affected by incorrect handling, fuel, maintenance and labour. Minimizing the forklift maintenance cost and repair can increase your business profitability. For safe operation of forklifts, check periodically for parts that require replacement, such as worn tires, lift mechanism or electrical issues. To avoid costly repairs, look for warning signs that indicate your forklift parts need replacement. Rely on Westminster Lift Truck & Services for sales of forklift parts and rentals of new and used forklifts in Surrey, Vancouver and surrounding areas. We have been providing comprehensive forklift services for the last 44 years.

Some easy tips to help you reduce expenses on forklift maintenance are: 1. Training Your Operators Provide proper training to your employees who operate forklifts. A forklift is a significant investment and can lead to major operating costs if not operated correctly. The training will ensure that employees are familiar with operating forklifts and understand if any parts need to be replaced. Additionally, every operator should perform an inspection, such as checking for worn-out tires, seat belts, mirrors and fluid levels before the shift to ensure the forklift is working properly, reducing injuries of employees. Train your employees to check for any physical damage and alert the management. 2. Keep Your Facility Organized You will be able to minimize the loss of downtime by keeping your facility forklift friendly. Maintenance costs will reduce if your facilities are clean and organized. While planning for pathways, make sure they are clear and free of debris, so forklift operators don’t have an issue with the travel. If the distance between the aisles is too narrow, it might cause impact damage. To increase productivity and efficiency, avoid unnecessary impact damage. 3. Battery Maintenance If your warehouse has electric forklifts, timely maintenance will ensure they are in good working condition. Some batteries require watering after five to ten charges and some require charging to the right voltage size. Improper watering and charging can lead to expensive repairs of forklifts. Make sure the damaged batteries or dead cells are replaced on time. 4. Replace Worn Tires Inspect forklift tires and replace them if they are worn out. Look for different tire materials that provide shock absorption. Using worn out tires will affect mechanical and hydraulic systems of the forklifts. Make sure the floor is clean of all the debris that can damage the tires. 5. Preventive Maintenance Scheduling seasonal preventative maintenance can reduce costly repairs and save money lost from downtime. You can implement changes and fix things before the forklift is damaged. You will need to know when the forklifts have been serviced and how often they are in use. Planned maintenance helps with efficient forklift running. Look for signs such as cracks and deformation, wear and tear on fork blades or distorted blades to understand whether you need to replace your forklift. Additionally, choose a reliable company that offers efficient parts for all makes and models of forklifts. Choose a reliable forklift fleet for your warehouse. You can always rent forklifts from a dependable company if you want to save on initial ownership costs. Forklift rentals will make sure you don’t lose downtime even if the equipment breaks down. Get in touch with Westminster Lift Truck & Services for forklift rentals and sales. We provide flexible and competitive lease rates for both new and used forklifts. We also offer material handling services, including on-site consultations and free trade-in valuations. Contact us today for efficient forklift parts of all makes and models.


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