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Quality Forklift Parts in Langley and Coquitlam 

At Westminster Lift Truck Services, we understand that forklifts are vital for the productivity of your business. Proper and periodic replacement of their parts is important to ensure long-term value, efficiency and safe operation. Using the parts which require regular replacements can result in accident or malfunction of your forklift. Some of the most common problems that your forklifts face include steering struggles, lift mechanism problems, electrical issues, worn tires and more. In order to ensure safety and continued operation of your forklift, it is very important to replace your parts according to the recommended replacement cycle. If you need forklift parts in the Coquitlam region, trust us. We ensure you would find what you need.


If you’re looking for forklift parts in Surrey, Vancouver or surrounding areas, choose Westminster Lift Truck Services. Our newly expanded parts department offers you quick and efficient parts lookup, pricing and availability for all makes and models. Many of our items are stocked in our Surrey warehouse, and our experienced parts team is always on hand to provide you with full lookup service and pricing options. Planned maintenance services will keep your forklift running efficiently. Our knowledgeable staff will always recommend the highest-quality parts for reliability and durability.


Keep the Parts of Your Forklift Replaced Periodically
You may hear grinding gears or you may smell strange exhaust; it is because something’s not right with your forklift. Even with regular maintenance, some of the parts of your equipment can wear down and can be a threat to your life. That’s why, we always recommend you to be aware of the warning signs that can indicate your equipment needs a part replaced. We are also pleased to provide full fleet history for your equipment, and we offer same-day local delivery!


Here are some of the most commonly replaced forklift parts:

  • Oil filter
  • Forklift chain
  • Air filter
  • Spark plugs
  • Pedal pad
  • Horn 
  • Cylinder end pins


Commonly Asked Questions


•  How do I know which forklift I need?
Having the right forklift is essential to your safety and productivity. If you don’t know which forklift you need, get in touch with Westminster Lift Truck Services. We have a team of qualified staff to help you.

•  What attachments can be added to my forklift?
You must purchase your forklift attachment from the forklift manufacturer. There are a number of attachments for various applications, such as paper roll handling, pallet lifting, and barrel clamping.

•  How often does a forklift need maintenance?

It is good to go for a planned maintenance service which ensures timely upkeep of your forklift by our technicians.


Forklift Mast Parts

Your forklift mast is made up of several individual pieces, including mast rollers, lift chain, tips of the fork, and more. Each part of it needs to work in tandem to keep your equipment at peak performance. One of the parts wearing down can result in sudden accidents or major damage to your entire forklift. So, keeping in mind your safety, we always recommend checking and replacing the rollers, bearings, forks, and more on a regular basis.


Speak To Us for Forklift Parts


To learn more and confirm our stock of forklift parts in Langley, contact us today. If you require our forklift services, fill out our online form and we will respond soon.

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pallet jacks

We are pleased to stock a variety of Pallet Jack options for every application and budget, with local delivery available. Over 45 years in the business, we know what grade of pallet jack your Surrey business needs. Our experts can walk you through the process and help teach you what to expect from owning a pallet jack. Please take a look at our equipment for sale to get a good idea of what used pallet jackets we can offer, or get in contact to get the best idea of our current stock. Additionally, we are an Authorized Lift Rite Dealer; as well we offer models such as:

and many more.








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