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When looking for high-quality forklifts in Burnaby, the services you get and the prices matter a lot, and we are the best place to be. We can offer excellent services and affordable prices for any budget because we know how to work our magic and what to do. We work with forklifts for sale in Burnaby and rent high-quality forklifts that we inspect for the best safety ourselves. We recondition, paint, and inspect our equipment ourselves, hiring the best professionals in the field so all our used forklifts in Burnaby work the best way they possibly can.

At Westminster Lift Truck & Services Ltd. in Burnaby, we stand behind our products with an unwavering 100% warranty covering parts and labour. Rest easy knowing that we've got you covered in this department. Additionally, if you're not completely satisfied with our top-notch equipment within 30 days of use, we offer a hassle-free money-back guarantee. This assurance stems from our confidence in the exceptional quality of our machinery and our commitment to its meticulous maintenance. Trust us to ensure you reap the full benefits of your investment.


Our trucks in Burnaby come with a complete package of services, so you don’t have to look for additional specialists to help you maintain your vehicle in amazing shape. We work with all budgets and offer flexible payment processes so that you can enjoy our products in the best way possible. To choose the most suitable forklift truck we offer in Burnaby, look through our extensive range of products. We offer equipment for various enterprises and businesses, such as warehouses, movie sets, food storage, transportation, retail operations, etc.


Once you purchase a forklift from us, we are happy to service it and help you maintain it in good shape with the help of our in-house and mobile services crew that can either take your products to our premises or come to yours to do the necessary inspections and repairs. We have fully stocked service vans with everything you need to make the most of the skills our technicians can provide to anyone in the Burnaby area with maintenance and repairs for their forklift. We are the kind of truck lift dealer in Burnaby who is always ready to help customers no matter their needs because we understand that when you invest money in equipment, you want it to work wonderfully and not cause you any trouble.

For in-depth details about forklift rentals in Burnaby, don't hesitate to contact us at Westminster Lift Truck & Services Ltd. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you today!



Regarding material handling, the right equipment can make all the difference. That's where Westminster Lift Truck & Services Ltd. steps in. Our forklift rentals in Burnaby offer many benefits that can significantly enhance your operations.

  • Cost-efficiency and flexibility
    Opting for forklift rentals is a cost-effective solution for businesses in Burnaby. It eliminates the need for a significant upfront investment, allowing you to allocate resources strategically.

  • Access to modern and well-maintained equipment
    Westminster Lift Truck & Service
    s Ltd. offers a fleet of modern, well-maintained forklifts. This ensures you're getting reliable machinery that meets industry standards, enhancing safety and productivity in your operations.
  • Reduced maintenance and repair costs
    When you rent a forklift from us, you're alleviating the burden of maintenance and repair costs. Our team of experienced technicians ensures that the equipment is in optimal condition, reducing downtime and keeping your operations running smoothly.

  • Expert guidance and support
    With Westminster Lift Truck & Services Ltd., you're not just getting equipment; you're gaining a trusted partner. Our expert team is available to advise on the best forklift solutions for your specific needs.

Forklift rentals in Burnaby from Westminster Lift Truck & Services Ltd. are more than just a transaction; they're a strategic investment in the success of your operations. Contact us today to explore our extensive fleet and experience the difference a reliable forklift can make. 



In the dynamic landscape of Burnaby's material handling industry, partnering with a trusted and reputable company is paramount. Westminster Lift Truck & Services Ltd. is the go-to destination for all your forklift needs, providing unparalleled benefits.

  • Extensive fleet of forklifts
    With Westminster Lift Truck & Services Ltd., you gain access to a diverse and extensive fleet of forklifts.


  • Industry-leading expertise
    With over 45 years of experience, Westminster Lift Truck & Services Ltd. boasts unrivalled expertise in the material handling field.


  • Emphasis on safety and reliability
    Safety is a top priority at Westminster Lift Truck & Services Ltd. We provide well-maintained, modern forklifts that meet and exceed industry safety standards.


  • Responsive maintenance and support
    Our team of experienced technicians is dedicated to ensuring that your equipment is in optimal condition. With regular maintenance and prompt repairs, we minimize downtime, allowing your operations to run seamlessly.

Choosing Westminster Lift Truck & Services Ltd. means selecting a partner deeply committed to the success of your operations. Contact us today to explore our extensive fleet and elevate your operations with Westminster Lift Truck & Services Ltd.

Transform Your Material Handling Today with Westminster Lift Truck & Services Ltd.!


Elevate your operations with our top-notch forklift solutions.




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