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Forklifts are integral and essential pieces of warehouse equipment and undergo rigorous use every day. As a result, frequent inspections and maintenance are necessary to protect the forklift and the operator. For optimal safety and performance, forklifts need inspecting every 200-300 hours, depending on operating conditions.. They also require bi-annual inspections to ensure they are in safe operating condition. Whether you own or rent a forklift in Burnaby or Langley, it is essential to keep it running smoothly, safely, and efficiently as they are often used by multiple operators. Regular service and safety checks help keep everyone safe.


Before using a forklift, the operator must conduct and document a pre-use inspection. Please refer to the manufacturer and operator’s manual for details on conducting pre-use inspections on your forklifts. Visual Check This involves the visual inspection of all the forklift’s components. Generally, you want to check that all required components are present and in good condition. Areas that require checks include:

  • Overall Condition

  • Fluids (Oil, fuel, and radiator)

  • Cables, Wires, and Connections

  • Wheels and Tires

  • Forks and Mast

The Operational Check This involves turning the forklift on and testing it’s various functions before handling a load of any kind. This includes:

  • Checking the engine for noises and leaks

  • Checking the seat and seatbelt for damage

  • Testing the lights, horn, and brakes

If you notice anything unusual or out of order, book a service appointment and tag out the machine.


It is important to schedule regular servicing and perform operator’s pre inspections to ensure safety is maintained. Common forklift repairs that may be noted during your pre inspection include: 1. Worn Tires Forklift tires are prone to wear and tear. If you experience the following symptoms, it's time to replace your tires.

  • Worn or ripped treads

  • Punctures or flat spots

  • Holes from debris

It's easy to spot a flat or punctured tire, but slow leaks and poor treads are harder to catch. If you have any concerns about the integrity of your tires, schedule a service call today. 2. Damaged Chain If the mast and/or chains produce a clanking, grinding, or squeaking noise, it is time to schedule a service call. Metal-on-metal is a tell-tale sign that something's wrong. If you have broken links, the chain tension is compromised. Once that happens, consider your forklift unsafe and ineffective. 3. Worn ForksForks are required to physically pick up and carry pallets or loads, and over time can become worn or damaged. Forks are manufactured to a rated capacity at their original thickness and condition. Damage and cracking to the fork heel in particular causes the forks to no longer be rated for their original capacity. While some forklift damage and wear can be fixed, forks cannot be used if they are worn more than 10% of their original thickness or condition. 4. Leaking Oil Engine oil and filters need replacing every few months and are done during routine servicing. Oil leaks create the following problems:

  • Extra air pollutant for workers

  • A systemic issue with the forklift

  • Issues with Operation

  • Hazardous work conditions

5. Damaged Parts If the above operations seem okay, other forklift repair signs may not be as obvious. They can include:

  • Electronic controls

  • Leaking hoses

  • The transmission fluid

  • Axle seals

  • Wheel cylinders

  • Starter and Alternator

  • Propane Regulator

If you are unsure of the problem at hand, call Westminster Lift Truck & Services and we will be happy to check your machine for you! Another important factor for your forklift’s routine maintenance is whether it is an electric or Internal Combustion Forklift. While both have similar maintenance (Tires, forks, safety equipment, brakes, etc.), it is important to ensure electric forklifts are charging correctly and the battery in good condition. Internal combustion Forklifts, on the other hand, will require tune ups, oil changes, and radiator maintenance.


Forklifts are an essential machine for industrial, manufacturing, and distribution jobs worldwide. Without forklift repairs, they're not only dangerous, but they're also inefficient to the workplace and workers. Keep tabs on your forklift for optimal work performance. Contact us today for the right services to keep operations up to speed. We service Surrey, Burnaby, Langley, Coquitlam, Vancouver, Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley.


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