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forklift service

Forklifts are needed for effective functioning of warehouses. If your forklift is old and inefficient, it is time to replace it. An inefficient forklift not only slows down the productivity of your staff but also increases the expenses on maintenance. For forklift services in Surrey, get in touch with Westminster Lift Truck Services. We also offer equipment for sale, rentals and parts. With 41 years of expertise, we offer quality services and a wide range of products to choose from.

Maintain Your Forklift If your forklift is being overused and isn't properly serviced, it is not going to last long. If your machine needs constant servicing, your profit margin decreases as work needs to be stalled until repairs are completed. Buying better machinery is better than spending on continual repairs. Things to Watch Out For In Your Forklift Here are a few signs to figure out if you need to replace your forklift: 1. Look out for cracks and deformation 2. Inspect if wires are exposed or open 3. Investigate fork blades for tear and wear 4. Check if blades are distorted Make sure your employees are properly trained about forklift usage to avoid accidents and injuries. Never overload the forklift as it can disorient the machine and cause it to overturn. If your forklift is malfunctioning, replace it without delay. Always contact professional forklift services for help. Factors a forklift's life depends on: 1. Brand and age of the product 2. Usage and operation 3. Maintenance There are several different types of forklifts and each has different features and benefits. You can choose one for your job based on your requirements. Contact Westminster Lift Truck & Services for reliable forklift services today!


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