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New and Used Forklift Sales for Surrey, Vancouver and the Surrounding Area

Looking for the forklift company that Surrey businesses and contractors depend on year after year? Take a look at the wide variety of new and used forklifts Westminster Lift Truck has in stock! These high performers from brands such as Mitsubishi, Heli, Toyota, Hyster and Yale are ready for any stacking, moving, lifting or handling job you may have, whether indoor or outdoor. 

Not sure if you want a used or new forklift? Check out our blog post on how to choose which is best for you!

A Little More on Used Forklifts
When it comes to buying a used forklift in Surrey or Vancouver, you may have many questions regarding safety, operations and the amount of use you can get out of the vehicle. You can rely on Westminster Lift Truck Services. We understand that determining the best used forklift for your specific needs is difficult. Our friendly staff will work with you closely to better understand your operations and requirements, and help you choose the right forklift. We will thoroughly inspect each one of our used forklifts to make sure that it is functional and ready to work for you. Our team will also take necessary steps to keep it running efficiently and smoothly for a longer period.

With over 41 years in the business, we’ve built a great selection of new and used forklifts for sale in Surrey, Vancouver and the surrounding area. At Westminster Lift Truck Services, we always recommend that with the money needed for buying a new forklift, you can buy more used forklifts to improve your workforce productivity and have the budget for minor maintenance. Ultimately, spending money on buying a used forklift will result in business growth and will set your mind at peace that it has been tested in its previous workplace.

Here is a list of benefits of buying a used forklift:
  • Savings for your business: When decide to buy a used forklift, you’ll be able to purchase a high-quality and high-performing forklift at a price that is much lesser than its market value. 
  • Increase your buying power: Besides enjoying an upfront saving, you’ll also be able to buy two used forklifts with the same price of purchasing a new forklift. It will result in an extra workhorse to run the show in a productive manner. 
  • Reliability of used forklifts: Purchasing a used forklift will set you at ease because it was thoroughly demonstrated in its previous workplace. Even if repairs are necessary, a used forklift is cheaper to fix as the parts are less costly. 
  • Ease of operations: New forklifts will have new features that may puzzle even the most experienced operators. However, when you purchase a used forklift, operators will already be familiar with the forklift operations and can easily take over the job.

For used forklift sales in Surrey and Vancouver, visit our office or call us today. Our material handling and lift equipment will boost productivity and efficiency while increasing your operators’ comfort and safety. We can help you with a quality investment; one that can provide you with a sturdy piece of equipment you can rely on for years. Whether you’re using your forklift for manufacturing or retail, these brands offer better visibility, better safety and ease of use for faster overall performance.

Looking for Forklift Sales in Surrey or the Surrounding area? We Have Top Brands!

We have specialized in new and used forklift sales in Surrey, Vancouver and surrounding areas for over 41 years. Whether you need an order picker for a warehouse or a more rugged machine for moving construction materials on rough terrain, Westminster Lift Truck has the full range of equipment to support your needs. Today’s forklifts offer ergonomic and safety features not available when you bought your last forklift. It’s important to talk to one of the experts to determine which machine and which features would best suit your particular needs.

Come See Us Today

If you want the best forklift deals in Surrey on the name brands you trust, visit our office at 12925 116th Avenue in Surry, or call us to ask about details. If you prefer to communicate by email, complete our easy contact form and we’ll get right back to you.

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