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Forklift insurance in Surrey British Columbia

Forklift insurance is designed to protect your forklifts, your employees, and your business in the event of an accident. It is important to have proper insurance even if you rent rather than own a forklift. At Westminster Lift Truck Services, we provide forklift sales, forklift rentals, and forklift services throughout the Vancouver and Surrey areas. We know how important it is to make sure you are properly covered before putting a forklift to work.

What Does Forklift Insurance Cover? The right forklift insurance policy will provide coverage for damages to the forklift, the operator, and to any property. This protects against liability claims and operating risks. A forklift insurance policy will allow you to choose different types of coverage. Some of the most common accidents and events you want to be protected against are:

  • Injury or property damage claims resulting from forklift operation

  • Physical damage or vandalism to the forklift itself

  • Theft of the forklift or of its components and parts

  • Damage or theft that may occur while the forklift is in transit

  • The cost of rented equipment while your forklift is undergoing repairs

Do I Really Need Forklift Insurance? Though forklifts are indispensable tools for helping your site run smoothly and efficiently, using them is not without its risks. Proper training and site organization can help, but human error will always be a part of the equation and must be accounted for. You are already taking on enough risk by running a business, and workplace incidents can considerably add to those costs. Whether you buy or rent, forklift insurance will keep you protected. Common Forklift Hazards and Accidents Here is an idea of some of the most common forklift hazards and accidents you need forklift insurance for:

  • A forklift running over a worker

  • A forklift striking a worker

  • A forklift tipping and crushing a worker

  • A forklift hitting and damaging property

  • A fall from a raised platform on the forks

  • A worker getting crushed between two vehicles

  • A worker getting crushed between a forklift and a surface

  • Material falling from the top of a forklift and striking workers below

Enjoy Low Insurance Premiums by Prioritizing Forklift Safety Forklift insurance is a very minor added expense compared to how much it can possibly save you if something goes wrong. Plus, if you take the necessary steps to minimize your chances of making a claim, you can enjoy lower premiums. By practicing proper forklift safety, you'll run into far fewer accidents. This involves training your employees and keeping your forklifts properly serviced. Westminster Lift Truck Services provides a comprehensive array of forklift services in Surrey and Vancouver, including preventative maintenance and parts. We have been specializing in forklift sales and service for over 41 years and will gladly work with you to find the best forklifts and create the best maintenance plans for your needs. You can also choose from between our in-house and mobile service. For forklift sales, rentals, or services in Vancouver, just contact Westminster Lift Truck Services today.


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