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When it comes to forklift sales in Vancouver – new or used – we at Westminster Lift Truck Services have you covered.

Why buy used?

  • Lower upfront cost. When you buy used, you let someone else foot the bill for the instant depreciation of new equipment when it's driven off the showroom floor. A good used machine can save you 30 – 50% off the price of new for this reason. This is a particularly important consideration for new or small outfits.

  • You have the benefit of consumer literature to tell you which brands and models you should avoid and which are worth the investment

  • Buying used also allows you to test particular models before you buy them new

  • Not sure if you want to risk buying used equipment with the possible hidden damage or defects? Take the guesswork out by buying from a reputable dealer like Westminster Lift Truck Services. Our used forklifts are reconditioned, painted and safety inspected, and come with a 100% parts and labour warranty and a 30-day no-hassle money-back guarantee.

  • Experts agree that if your forklift requirements are less than full-time (one shift per day, no more than five days a week and five hours a day), then buying good used equipment from a reputable dealer is probably the best for you. For quality used forklifts in Surrey give us a call at Westminster Lift Truck Services.

When to buy new?

  • You pay more out of the gate, but that buys you peace-of-mind in the form of longer warranties, having the newest model direct from the factory matching your specific want/needs and having control over every aspect of maintenance and care. Let's face it, sometimes the security in knowing your forklift won't seize up on you with a two-tonne pallet fifteen feet in the air is simply worth the extra cost!

  • If your forklift needs are heavy (two shifts or more per day, five days or more a week of non-stop heavy warehouse work) then buying new is probably for you. A forklift breakdown can be very costly if your whole operation relies on them to roll. At Westminster Lift Truck Services we provide fast, expert and affordable mobile and in-house service for all types of forklifts.

For forklift sales in Surrey or Vancouver, new or used, give us a call at 1-877-580-2611. At Westminster Lift Truck Services we've got all your forklift needs covered—new or used.

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