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forklift maintenance checklist

Forklifts are a ubiquitous and important tool filling a significant role in several different industries. Because these machines see so much use, it’s easy for operators to become lax, and ultimate end up maintaining proper preventive maintenance habits. And while operator errors can lead to accidents, improperly maintained fork lift parts and equipment in Surrey, can also be the cause of severe accidents.

To that end, the forklift parts and service experts at Westminster Lift Truck Services, in Surrey, have put together this checklist to help promote and maintain good preventive maintenance habits. Following these few simple steps at the start of your shift will help insure the safety of both operators and pedestrians working nearby.

  • General Condition. First perform a simple walk-around visual inspection. Look for visible damage and fluid leaks, and make sure the fire extinguisher is present.

  • Tires. If the lift is equipped with inflatable tires, make sure they are inflated correctly, at the right pressure level. Otherwise, check for signs of wear and tear.

  • Liquids. Inspect the liquid levels, including engine oil, radiator water and fuel on non-electric lifts. Check the battery level, and make sure there are no loose plugs or exposed wires.

  • Small parts. Take the time to verify the various guards, bolts and nuts. Make sure the chains and the hydraulic hoses are all in good condition and are held securely.

  • Forks & mast. The forks should be straight, without cracks or other visible signs of damage present. Inspect the top retaining pin and heel, and check the mast chain tension. You can do this by bringing the forks up and making sure they are level.

  • Seat and cage. Ensure the operator’s seat and seatbelts function properly and show no sign of wear. If the lift is equipped with a cage or overhead guard, look for damage there also.

  • Climb aboard. Once in the seat, perform a check of the brakes, as well as the gear shift and clutch if applicable. Make sure all your controls are working smoothly, including the lift and tilt mechanisms, and the steering. Finally, listen closely for any irregular noises.

Safety is Key Your workforce will often depend on the power and versatility of your forklift to get the work done. By following this simple checklist, you’ll make sure your lift is fully operational and ready to go before the work begins, helping reduce the chances of accidents, injuries, or work stoppage. For more maintenance tips and suggestions, visit our website or give us a call at Westminster Lift Truck Services. We’ll help you keep your lift rolling!


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