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Like most equipment, forklift needs replacement parts throughout its lifetime. Using parts that need maintenance can result in malfunction or accidents. Forklift parts can wear down even with consistent preventative maintenance, regardless of their workload. The first step here is to understand what needs to be replaced and this is where Westminster Lift Truck & Services comes into the picture.

We specialize in LP and electric-powered forklifts. We have all classes, types and brands that offer best value for our clients’ investment. We are your one-stop-shop for forklift sales and rentals in Surrey. Let’s look into the common forklift parts that are to be replaced from time to time: • Forklift brakes and tires Wheels of forklifts are subjected to a lot of stress. This can result in extreme wear in your brake shoes, tires and bearings around your wheels. Problems with your forklift brakes or tires can result in accidents, resulting in serious damages or injuries. Hence, you should always be on the lookout for: Unusual sounds - A tire beginning to separate from the rim or squeaking tires can be signs of a bad wheel bearing. Grinding noises are mostly due to deteriorated brake shoes. Visual signs of wear – Replace your tires if you notice balding or cracking. • Forklift mast parts A forklift is made up of many individual pieces and some require more care than others. From tips of the fork to lift chain, each part needs to work in coordination for peak performance. One or more parts becoming uneven or wearing down can damage your forklift. Be aware of these signs: Metal-on-metal contact – If you hear grinding noise when lowering or raising the lift or notice marks from metal scraping on metal, you might have to readjust or replace your bearing and rollers. Uneven forks – Unparalleled fork tips can be a sign of problems such as bent tires. • Forklift air and oil filters Bad air filters and oil can badly affect the performance of your engine. In addition to replacing them, be on the lookout for: Smell – If you smell fuel leaking from your engine while starting or stopping, the problem is mostly filter-related. Decreased fuel performance – If diminishing returns are noticed even with the same amount of fuel, the reason could be your old filter. Exhaust issues – Dark and thick exhaust let out by forklifts is usually because of bad air filters. How to Replace Fork Filter Parts? For replacements which are complex than simple air filter swaps, it’s better to take the help of a professional. Westminster Lift Truck & Services has a large inventory of both used and new forklift parts. We have a newly expanded parts department that can offer you efficient parts for all makes and models of forklifts. Our technicians can also advice you on forklift operation safety tips for you to be safe while using forklifts. Call us for forklift parts in Surrey.


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