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Forklifts in Surrey British Columbia

There are many different types of forklifts, each one made for different material handling tasks. Choosing the right forklift types in Vancouver and Surrey for your needs can greatly boost your company's efficiency and productivity. At Westminster Lift Truck Services, we provide sales and rentals for all of the different types of lift equipment you might need for manufacturing or retail applications. Here is a look at the different forklift types and their uses.

Pneumatic Tire Forklifts A pneumatic tire forklift has the most common and recognizable design. The forks are positioned in front of the machine, which allows it to be driven up to the racking. Pneumatic tire forklifts are made to handle loads that weigh 3,000 lbs. and up. They are among the most versatile types of forklifts, made for both indoor and outdoor use. A pneumatic tire forklift is also good on uneven surfaces. Cushion Tire Forklifts Cushion tire forklifts have the same capacity and design as pneumatic tire forklifts, with the forks in the front of the truck. They are also highly versatile, though generally only meant for use indoors and on smooth surfaces. Electric Sit-Down Forklifts - 3 Wheel Electric sit-down forklifts with three wheels are great for applications such as moving pallets and unloading trucks, as they have a tight turning radius. They can have either pneumatic or cushion tires, though they are typically used on smoother surfaces and indoors. An electric sit-down forklift usually has a capacity range of between 3,000 and 5,000 lbs. Electric Sit-Down Forklifts - 4 Wheel Electric sit-down forklifts with four wheels have many of the same potential applications as three-wheel models. They are highly maneuverable and good for moving loads in small spaces. The benefit of the extra wheel is that it typically allows for greater load weight. Electric Stand-Up Forklifts Like electric sit-down forklifts, electric stand-up models are used for their versatility and maneuverability in smaller areas and on smooth surfaces. They are particularly useful in situations where the rider regularly needs to mount and dismount. Electric stand-up forklifts have a typical weight capacity range of 3,000 to 5,500 lbs. Walk-Behind Pallet Jacks Walk-behind pallet jacks offer a pedestrian-operated way to move pallets and other loads quickly and conveniently. The forks are designed to slide underneath the pallet and then lift it to a height of approximately 6 ft. The operator uses a hand throttle to control the pallet jack. The Right Forklift Types for Your Needs in Vancouver and Surrey Westminster Lift Truck Services has been providing forklift sales and forklift rentals in the Vancouver and Surrey areas for over four decades. We have a large inventory of both new and used forklifts in all of the different types described above. Businesses and contractors throughout the Vancouver area depend on our quality equipment and excellent customer service for all of their material handling needs. If you want to find out more about different forklift types or if you're interested in buying or renting a forklift, just contact us today.


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