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forklift rental

Choosing the right forklift is essential to boost the productivity of your employees. There are many factors you need to consider while selecting a forklift rental for your needs. For forklift rental services in Surrey, get in touch with Westminster Lift Truck & Services. We have been providing our clients with full look-up service for all forklift makes and models at competitive prices for the last 41 years.

Different types of forklifts provide diverse benefits that can help you handle various applications. Here are certain factors to consider before choosing a forklift rental: 1. Height Look for forklifts based on your height requirements. Also remember, the higher you need your forklift to reach, the less weight it can support. 2. Load Weight Choose a forklift based on the average load weight, width and the type of the load you want to move. The load size is important as there are specific attachments (such as paper roll handling, pallet lifting and barrel clamping) that can help you move the load more efficiently. 3. Work Environment Select forklift rentals depending on your work conditions. Your job location (indoors or outdoors) and surfaces (rugged or smooth) play a considerable part in forklift rental selection. 4. Fuel Options Forklifts usually have multiple fuel options such as: Electric Electric forklifts are best for indoor use. They can be used in an eight-hour shift or for five to six hours if used continuously. However, you need to give time for the batteries to charge. They are usually costly than other types of forklifts such as gas or diesel. Advantages: • Operate quietly • Zero emissions • Economical usage of fuel • Easy to move Compressed Gas or Diesel Forklifts powered with compressed gas (LPG or CNG) and diesel can be used in any environment. They are best suited for heavy lifting. They are noisy compared to electric forklifts. Advantages: • Low maintenance costs • Quick to refuel • Long lifespan 5. Duration Depending on the time for which you need a forklift, the rental prices differ. We have the most competitive rates in the business! Ask about our free freight options, or how you can qualify for a free month's rental! 6. Ergonomics Look for adjustable seating as operator comfort is important to get the work done on time. Placement of steering controls and gear shifts should also be looked into while selecting a forklift. Questions to Ask Your Supplier Before renting a forklift, it’s best to ask these questions to your supplier: • Do you carry equipment from all major brands? • Do you have any free freight options? • In an unlikely event of a forklift breakdown, who will be responsible for repairs? • Do you offer same-day local delivery? Westminster Lift Truck & Services provides reliable forklift sales, rentals and leasing in Surrey. Contact us today for different forklift rental options.


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