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Forklift Parts

Choosing an appropriate maintenance plan while buying a forklift is essential for financial and safety purposes. As a forklift carries heavy loads, any problems experienced while manoeuvring the machine combined with uncontrolled traffic at the workplace can result in unexpected accidents. Regular maintenance ensures a proper functioning forklift. Westminster Lift Truck & Services provides various maintenance services and forklift parts.

You can choose either a planned maintenance plan or a full maintenance plan according to your needs. Difference Between a Planned Maintenance Plan and a Full Maintenance Plan In a planned maintenance plan, you are expected to pay a monthly fee for forklift servicing (which is done at planned intervals). Replacement parts and additional fixes are excluded from the plan. A full maintenance plan covers all servicing requirements (including any replacement parts or fixes) at a flat monthly fee. Benefits of Having a Maintenance Plan A forklift maintenance plan from a reliable service provider has a number of benefits such as: • It Reduces Downtime and Doesn’t Affect Your Business Production If you carry out routine maintenance, it helps detect faulty forklift parts early on and replace them if required. Also, have a maintenance plan ensures you have easy access to skilled technicians, which in turn reduces the downtime for repairs. • It Increases the Lifespan of Your Forklift - The lifespan of your forklift increases with consistent care from experts. • Easy to Plan a Maintenance Budget With a planned maintenance plan from a single provider, you can set aside a budget for maintenance and repair works. Repair services from multiple vendors can amount to unexpected costs. • Various Plans Available To Suit Different Requirements Different maintenance plans cover different preventive requirements of a forklift. For example, a used forklift might require battery inspection and air filter change more frequently than a new one. • It Ensures Workplace Safety There are fewer chances of mishaps while using a properly functioning forklift. Regular maintenance helps identify and replace faulty parts at the earliest. • It Saves Money and Time - Too many repairs will have a major impact on your finances. Dealing with downtime also adds to the costs. Your future projects might get delayed and your equipment might undergo premature failure. What to Expect From a Maintenance Program? First, a technician arrives and inspects whether your forklift is functioning properly or not. The technician inspects for signs of wear and tear or damages on various parts of your forklift. The forklift parts that require the most attention are lift chains, electric motor, braking system, safety components and battery. Request for a planned on-site inspection before the maintenance plan starts. A discussion with professionals can help you better understand machine requirements and plan your maintenance services accordingly. Read our blog to go through the forklift preventive maintenance checklist. Contact us today to learn more about our forklift services. You can also enquire about our available equipment for sale and rent.


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