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forklift rental

Need a forklift? Are you considering a forklift rental in Vancouver? Weigh these factors before you rent:

  • Short-term needs. Sometimes the decision is easy. If you are facing an unforeseen peak period, equipment breakdown or precise on-site short-term need (construction job or movie set construction, for example) then the decision to rent is straightforward. No big expenses or transportation concerns. No need to own a piece of equipment you only use occasionally.

  • Seasonal needs. If most of your forklift needs occur during a relatively short period of time or predetermined months, then renting should definitely be considered. No need to store or maintain unused equipment.

  • Keep costs down. When you rent you conserve capital to use where it is needed to generate revenue. This is especially critical for smaller and new businesses.

  • Budgeting. It is also simpler to budget a regular fixed cost (rental fee), than have to foot unexpected costly repair bills and downtime in the event of a breakdown of owned equipment.

  • New forklifts! When you rent from a reputable dealer like Westminster Lift Truck Services, the equipment you rent is modern and offers you the most up-to-date technology, ergonomic design, reliability and efficiency. And if your needs change it's easy to switch the piece of equipment for something that perfectly suits you.

  • No more worries about maintenance and repairs. When you rent, all maintenance and repairs are carried out by the rental company. And if repairs can't be done on-site, then a prompt replacement of the forklift is guaranteed. At Westminster Lift Truck Services, we cover all your forklift rental needs in Vancouver and Surrey.

  • The ultimate test-drive! When you rent you get to try out different types of machinery, which allows you to make more informed decisions if you eventually decide to purchase.

Make sure your needs are met!

  • For how long will you need the forklift?

  • What is the maximum weight you need to lift, and to what height?

  • Do you have special needs that may require lift accessories?

  • Do you have the qualified employee(s) to operate the equipment?

  • What type of engine does the forklift have and can you supply the fuel it needs?

  • Make sure you are comfortable with the contract. Are there extra or hidden fees or conditions? Insurance?

At Westminster Lift Truck Services we offer the very best selection of well-maintained modern equipment at affordable prices. Look no further for your forklift rental in Vancouver and Surrey. Contact us or call us at 1-877-580-2611. Westminster Lift Truck Services is your one-stop shop for all your forklift rental needs.


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